Saturday, March 15, 2014

What's posterity got to do with my posterior?

Strange how life happens, and happens, and keeps on happening, even when you don't stop to record any of it, not in writing, that is, for posterity. What is posterity, anyway? Does it have anything to do with our posteriors? Our behinds?
I'm thinking yes, yes. It has everything to do with our behinds.

I've vowed to stop dwelling on my behind. Not that I ever truly 'dwelled' on it. Well, now, come to think of it... I spend a lot of time sitting, thus sort ot dwelling, on it. But I certainly have a habit of needing to see what it's doing, or how it's looking doing, back there whenever there is a mirror handy and no one is watching. You know.

What a strange and vain, in every sense of the word, habit. And the day I see my daughters doing it is the day I realize I am a terrible role model. Check your asses before you leave the house, girls. You never know. You never know what, exactly? You never know who might be judging you by the shape, size and volume of your ass?

Oh dear. This is not at all why I stopped in here to write today. This is what happens when I'm presented with a blank page and I'm alone in the house with nothing and no one but the dog curled up on a sunny spot on the floor and the guinea pig around the corner by the chimney noisily nosing her water bottle and chewing on the bars of her cage. Having a caged animal in the house has got to be one of the more bizarre aspects of parenthood. Why? Why, what with the horses and the dog and the squirrels and the birds and the weasels and bobcats and chipmunks and foxes, and bears, and wild rabbits and mice and the voles, and lowing cows in the distance, do country kids need a caged pet in their house? Why?

There I go again. Another tangent. So anyway. It's been awhile. Winter, it's safe to say, came. It's still here. Take a look.

The thought keeps occurring to me, that it isn't what's in the picture that makes Vermont unique, but what's missing from the picture. 

And, while we're on the topic of posteriors....