Thursday, October 27, 2011

This snow, I could eat it

It's snowing!
It's snowing!
It's snowing!

I woke up this morning wondering if I would ever wake up without my first word being "shit," ever again.

There is hope.

I can lament all I want about being old and jaded, with not one speck of childish wonder left in me, but it seems I am mistaken.

Snow still excites me. And the first snow of the season is the mot exciting of all.

It is falling steadily outside my windows. I am in a snowglobe, within a snowglobe. Cozy, dry, and warm, mesmerized by the steady rhythm.
Not drifting, but falling
with purpose,
with conviction.

I am not exaggerating when I say this fills my heart with the purest joy I know. 

It never fails to make me just as excited and full of hope today as it did was a little kid pressing my face to the sky, with tongue outstretched. Okay, I'm going out to do that right now.

I'm tempted to go yank my kids out of school just so they can run around and scream and give the snow a proper welcome. I bet they are climbing the walls.


"Hello Mr. Principal. Esther and Isla have an, um, errr, special appointment. It can not, under any circumstances, be missed. "

Should I? Could I? 

And I am reminded of a Japanese poem, is it a haiku?, by Issa:

This snow

That wafts slowly down

I could eat it


Was Living Down Under said...

Yay! My kids can't wait for the snow. It was the first question my little girl asked as we left the airport back in August - "Mummy, wherre's the snow?". As it gets colder they can't imagine it getting colder than it is and yet it does. Looking forward to snow (and enjoying the tapestry that is fall) is my solace as I try to integrate back into my new, old life...which as you know is no easy feat. Yay - cannot wait! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Cooper said the other day " I really like snow it means I get to eat pizza and drink hot chocolate all day(at the ski hill)" Perhaps trying to instill a love for skiing is moving in the wrong direction. He did eventually mention skiing.

Robin said...

I'll try to embrace the snow we might get here in MD this weekend. I'll find that easier to do if the soccer game I could be watching gets canceled! I'm not ready for snow in October.

Emma said...

Exciting! But strange to think that all that grass and plants and everything will get covered up. Snow is kinda weird....