Tuesday, October 04, 2011

On the way to school

 Our school is celebrating National Walk to School Week this week.

 We have left the house at 7:20 a.m. without a hitch two days in a row.  Having somehow volunteered myself to be the parent leader, being late was not optional. Isla is not sure why we call it the "walking school bus" when there is no bus at all.

 Though it's been foggy and wet, gray and grisly, the scenery is striking.

 There was a brief fracas discussion regarding who got to hold the dog, Ruby, but Esther worked out a schedule and Isla finally accepted it: Monday and Wednesday, Isla holds the leash, and Tuesday and Thursday, Esther takes charge. Friday is reserved for me. Clever possum!

 Here is the part where I wow you with our Vermont-made views, just in case you were wondering where to take your next vacation.

 Would you believe I see this every day, yet still claim to "need" antidepressants?

 The way the clouds hang low and heavy over the valley, like the ghosts of glaciers past, gives things a mystical quality.

 Walking to school is conducive to deep thought.

 We also see things we might not have noticed before. While we were waiting for other walking families, the ones who never came, we discovered this fairy bath.

 We waited a while for a dirty fairy to come out of that tree stump in her towel, but none came.

 Signs that cows, or was it sheep, once grazed these lands.

 Can you hear me panting? I am an expert panter.

 One last hill to go, and we have 7 minutes to spare before school starts. This, in itself, is amazing. We have never been so on time two days in a row. What else is amazing is, this morning, sorry no pictures to document, our new school principal came walking up the street out of nowhere to join us on our walk.
Isla was struck dumb to see her principal, in jeans and an anorak, so far away from the school, and hear him ask if he could walk with us. How cool is that?

 Principal or no principal, could we possibly keep doing this every day? I would like to try, but I'm not making any promises.


Was Living Down Under said...

Ooh it is gorgeous. I am loving the smells and colours of fall. The crispness of the mornings. It makes all the other crap more bearable (sp?). It's what I missed in Sydney.

My partner is working in Vermont right now. And I've been thinking it'd be fun to go down for a week with the kids while he's there. Of course, he'd be working and I'd still be with them... He's in Burlington I think...is that near you? Though I don't suppose you'd want to share that on the Internet... Some anonymity is good, no?

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics! And glad you made it to school on time. My little girl goes for half day in the afternoons and the last two days, we've been slightly tardy...oops!

Julie said...

I love Isla's hand made scarf! It brought back memories from my childhood. My grandma made me a few just like it!

Andrea said...

Keep up with it! How great for you and your children. More families should do this.

Betsy said...

Julie: I'm impressed you noticed the scarf. Esther made it for her teddy bear. It somehow became Isla's. Scarves are becoming the last vestiges of our life in France. Sniff.

Betsy said...

Was Living Down Under: This is one of the best times to visit Vermont. And, considering what Tropical Storm Irene did for the tourism trade here, it's my duty to tell you to come. I am nearish to Burlington. My standard answer is two hours. It's two hours to everywhere from here. (:

Anonymous said...

I don't even need to tell you how great it is to see the landscape there, because I already have. A lot.

Esther really has this natural flair for dressing casual yet avant-garde. She always amazes me with her style!

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. How's the new camera search going?


Betsy said...

Kim in AZ: I love her style too. And she does it with mostly second-hand clothes. Even better.

Emma said...

Beautiful! We also have a Walk to school week here. I try to walk with the kids to school once a week, weather permitting. It's about a 20 minute walk, but the scenery (though pretty) is no where near the gorgeousness of your place!

Lauren A. said...

I have to leave the house an hour before the girls even get up, but my husband tries to bike them to school as often as he can. An ugly ride through ranch houses and up a hill to a nondescript school pales compared to your route though. Sigh, I'd say scorched earth central Texas takes some rethinking. But then I put the tomatoes out on March 1st and rethink moving anywhere else. Until an election year that is...

Sheri said...

What lovely scenery you have for a morning walk to school! Looks sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing that walk with us!

Seamingly Sarah said...

In a previous life I was a transportation planner and tried to plan walk to school events one year - no such luck - but I'm glad to see you guys did it!

It does look beautiful. It makes me miss home. Good thing too because we're going to the Northeast Kingdom this weekend, our second weekend in a row!