Monday, October 17, 2011

Fallen leaves and circus acts

 We had a remarkably relaxed weekend, including an anxiety-free Saturday morning. It wasn't a conscious effort on my part, it just seemed to work out that way. On the menu today: Supreme contentment and nothing else.

I made waffles and we ate them with butter and maple syrup.

It was blustery.  The kind of day that would make Piglet's ears stream straight back behind him.

We made a  wet leaf pile and Essie and Isla jumped in. Essie's jumps were hesitant. She's grown so much. I think she remembers leaf piles being much bigger and softer. She tried her first leaf angel. It worked okay, but not as good as it does with snow. Isla learned the importance of keeping your mouth closed when getting buried in leaves.

 The girls retreated upstairs and entertained themselves. Then they called me up for a "circus." Essie introduced the circus in French. Mama bliss. Can I tell you how worried I've been about their French disappearing into the ether.?

Then she put on some beautiful music and Isla came out, in a shimmery- perfection pink tutu, just inherited from her cousin Emily, and danced the sweetest dance.

I begged them to pause the show so we could invite Ian. I ran and got the laptop and called him on the phone.

"Want to come to our circus?" I asked him. "Sure," he said.

I carried the laptop upstairs and sat down in the chair they put for me in the hall, put the computer in my lap and waited for Ian to call us on Skype. He called. I answered and the show began anew.

There were a few technical difficulties, mostly in the form of skipping music when Isla jumped too high and stomped too heavy.  Ian loved it. But I'm sure it was also killing him to not be here.

Later on that day, we were listening to more of the same music in the car, and Isla said,
"When I hear this happy music I feel like daddy is with me. "
"He is with us," Esther said. 
"He's in our hearts."

Mommy bliss, again. The achey, raw kind. 

"When I get bigger and I am a rock singer," Isla said, "I'm going to write a song about Daddy."

"What a great idea, Isla."
What a great idea. 


Katriina said...

My eyes filled with tears reading this (they were good tears, though).

Laree said...

Oh, these Ian - missing-out stories tug my heart! Just know you've been in my thoughts (even though we've never met!), and I pray the paperwork finally goes through and he can come home!

Anna said...

perfect post! love the part about Piglet's ears.

Gina said...

All your hearts must be aching for missing Ian. I hope he comes home soon. I cannot imagine how you feel.

Shampagne said...

yeah...I teared up too. That awww, that is so achingly sweet and tender type of tears. I wish Ian was there for you guys.

blumpastor said...

Lovely! Thank you. Despite missing Ian, you sound much more at peace.

Anonymous said...



Emma said...

oh *sob*.

Megan said...

Yep, I'm crying too. I love it! You have a magical family.