Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday night, after the party

"Mommy, I'm going to sleep in my mask. Okay?"


Anonymous said...

I have a certain 5 year old that sleeps in a variety of costumes and has declared that he'll be five or six different things for Halloween. It seems like every time the wind blows he changes his mind! He doesn't understand why he can't change costumes and take another turn around the town with a new costume! Which, of course, would only mean more candy for me to sneak while he's sleeping!

Isla cracks me up! I have pictures of all of my kids over time doing/wearing funny things in their sleep. She carries the mask off well. It suits her personality too!

I'm glad to see that you're all doing well. I was worried when the flooding happened. I know that you were in Maine at the time, but a lot of people lost houses, etc. and I wasn't sure if your area got flooded. I saw videos of the flooding and watched some of my favorite single lane covered bridges get damaged or destroyed. It made me cry. They were so old and so VERMONT! I'm sure that there's a better way to say it, but it eludes me right now. How was your trip back from Maine? I know that the roads took heavy damage.


Betsy said...

Our trip back was fine. You know, I cannot bring myself to write in any detail about the flooding here. I'm not sure why. People we know were affected, none horribly, but affected nonetheless, lost income, lost crops, lost property etc.
We saw lots of signs of flooding and broken asphalt on our way home and it was surreal. Rivers rearranged. Debris everywhere. Some families the next town over are still walking through the woods to get to school, work, store, etc.
Vermont is on the mend, but many people are still down and out. It was sad to see some of those bridges go. We were going to to to the Tunbridge World's Fair last weekend but realized it would take forever because of all the detours.I just heard about Pakistan having floods like this every year,and it just happened again. AS devastating as Irene was here, I can't help but think us vErmonters are still extremely lucky.

i.ikeda said...

Oh boy, I can see things like this in my future. My N. asks me constantly to wear her ballerina tutus or pirate hats to bed. We don't have any masks yet, but I can see how this would appeal to her.

Robin said...

My daughter made a mask like this, then my 3-year-old son needed one, too, so I made him one. They both put on their masks and their satin superhero capes that Grandma gave them, then my son wore his whole ensemble to Chick-fil-A. My daughter, who is 7, got embarrassed at the last minute and decided to go in civilian clothes. I think she was a bit sorry she opted out, though, when my son got so much attention for his get-up!

Megan said...

I love it.