Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cannon balls are the gateway drug

 Esther taught her little sister, Isla, how to do a cannonball into a hotel pool a few weeks back.

 Isla has been seeking bigger, better, higher, thrills ever since.


Emma said...

wow! Look at those girls go.

Peggy Shinn said...

Swim, Ruby, swim! ... Has Ruby done a cannonball yet? I love Isla jumping in the life vest. Am I too old to wear one?

Anonymous said...

OMG, LOVE your swimming location~!!! Stunning, I'm so jealous.
Keep talking, we're listening.

Jane said...

What a gorgeous part of the world you live in. I'm jealous too!
Looks like the kind of place I have always dreamed of visiting, so I love looking at your pictures and thinking maybe one day...

Megan said...

I still do one almost every time I jump in the water. So much fun.
But poor old me, I usually have to cannonball into a boring old pool- you girls are jumping off rocks in an enchanted forest! Way cool.