Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer seasonings

I have always measured summer as that delicious, uninterpreted space between the last and first day of school.

Being in Europe, this mentality has robbed me of a good month of summer.

We're galloping towards August and I'm still dreaming about all the things we're going to do this summer. Meanwhile..... it's here, we are now. No. It is now. We are here.


But, what I"m really trying to say here is... does Anybody know where to find a dairy bar where we can get a giant, twist, soft ice-cream cone in Burgundy?

I thought not.

And what about the June bugs banging against the screens? Where are they? Where are the screens?

And why don't my kids have any mosquito bites?

Oh the crusty resistance of the American-born, or is it New England-born, mind. Summer, spent in one particular way, a way that involves ponds, lakes, freezing cold rivers with lots of big rocks to lie on, marshmallows, popsicles and, yes, mosquitoes, is so embedded in my brain, I'm not sure I will ever, ever recover.

Some exciting news over at Momformation where you can find this post:

The whole BabyCenter blog is getting nipped and tucked and liposucked, not to mentioned powdered and plumped, in hopes of emerging curvier, tastier, and way more sexy. It should be ready to admire, whistle at, and even fondle, on Tuesday, July 27th. Come see for yourself.