Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm ready

That's grass under my feet. And it feels squishy. And, I might be imagining it, but I can smell the earth.

Isla is the only one disappointed we can't use these anymore.

Esther's self portrait. She's diggin' the squishy earth as well, but in a much less conservative way.
For more of Esther's take on the world, read this post, over at BabyCenter.


laurel said...

It is so amazing how 55 feels like a heat wave in early April! Glad Esther is enjoying mud season, but I am with Isla, loathe to hang up my skis for the season.

Mama P said...

You are such a good writer. I find people so interesting.

Like this quote from you. NEVER in a million years does this sound appealing to me. And God knows, I wish it was. I have never had that sporty gene in me.

Hey, that might be a good post for you on BabyCenter! How moms who aren't athletic can be. And why aren't we? Is it because we're all flabby slobs? (ME! Me!!!!) Or were we always picked last on the team as kids? (Me! Me!) Or simply not inclined?

Anyway, this made me smile from you - your birthday fun day: "a women's league hockey game."

LOL!!! Love. Happy birthday!

Peggy Shinn said...

I love Esther's flower dress juxtaposed with the brown grass. Maybe what we all need to combat dreary spring weather is a floral dress. That and some new shoes ...

dadshouse said...

Those are great pictures. More people should walk around barefoot in nature and "smell the earth".