Friday, April 25, 2008

Hooked on Mac

This is me on Mac. Not very attractive really.
And this, my split personality. If only there were really four of me. I could be out cultivating the garden and riding my bike, and folding laundry right now.

Cyber Overload

I can't keep up. I feel as if I have crossed a line. As if I have made some sort of Faustian deal with the devil. I have chosen to trade the sometimes dull, but very authentic reality with the very exciting and sparkly, essentially heartless virtual reality.

It is spring, beautiful spring. My garden is calling me. A wide swath of dry earth begging to be turned, nurtured, stroked and fertilized. I am sitting inside, cultivating my cyber existence.
There's always one more thing to do. One more thing to check. Isla sees this little MacBook open in front of me and comes running, waving her arms and shouting "Nooooooooo!" She is so right on, yet, I can't shut it. I can feel it humming beneath my fingertips.

Damn you, Bill Gates for providing me with that first joint in the form of my starter PC. And damn you, Steve Jobs for pushing me over the edge with this sexy little heroin laptop with wireless capacity.

And damn you, Blogger for your little "start your own blog, it's free" message. I don't come here a lot. But I think about coming here every day. Every day, I think, "I should update my personal blog. Oprah might stop in to read it."

And damn me for being so weak I can't resist any of it. The lure, the potential, the endless stream of information, feedback and immediate gratification it all provides.

But it's shallow, so shallow. And my muscles and lungs , eyes and ears are starving for the sounds, feels, sights and demands of the real world.

More rambling can be found here and here, over at BabyCenter.


laurel said...

You are so right on! The beautiful world is calling, what are we doing on our pc's?!?

All I can say is, clearly you are more productive than I. Here I sit just READING blogs. Not writing them, lol. How ridiculous. April resolution: rake more, surf less :)

Evenspor said...

Hi Betsy. Hi Betsy, I just wanted to answer the question you posed on my blog about being a math nerd. It seems to me that it is more a case of motivation than the math itself

When I was in first grade, I was very slow at math. I don't know what the deal was, but I couldn't seem to finish the worksheets the teacher gave us in class in time like everyone else. And these were just simple add and subtract pages. It frstrated me very much, so I would go home and play a cheesy game we had on our computer called "speed math" every night (I know; we were very lucky to have a computer back then). It must have worked or something clicked, because by the time I was in second or third grade, I was one of the top kids in math, and it was my favorite subject through high school. I especially liked geometry. Working with shapes is more fun for me than working with numbers.

So, I guess my suggestions would be maybe either try to find something else math-related that she in more comfortable with so that you can say, "See, you are good at math!" or focus more on the idea of tackling challenges rather than avoiding them without touching on math specifically.

momma's heart said...

Enjoyed your post. I feel for you. I was convicted about this and have recently successfully reduced my screen time. A book I have been reading was the most influential in changing me in this regard.

I wonder if purposely making yourself busier for about 20 days might help you form different habits for how you spend your time? I think I read once that it takes 20 consecutive days for a habit to be broken, or rather, to substitute it with better habits.

Could you entertain more, volunteer more..anything that will give you deadlines you have to meet, that don't involve the computer? I know you are already busy, but sometimes I think we make better choices with our time when we have very little of it. Just a thought.

Wishing you the best in getting this out of your system.

Jolyn said...

Have enjoyed your "professional" blogging for a while but didn't realize you had a personal one as well (loving the photos). Yes, the banner on my blog is the Alps, but it is in Northern Italy where we lived for three years (we're American Air Force) before we moved to Ohio 6 mths ago. And, yes, I still pine for the mountains -- as I imagine your Olympic self does as well.
So true about cyber addiction. I try to be aware of that myself, and my blogging has cut way down since spring has arrived.

Ashley said...

Oh I can so relate - it is way past my bedtime right now, but I can't...pull...away!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Oh dear, I'm with you!

Cindy Fey said...

Photobooth is the funnest program ever!

momma's heart said...

I got caught up on your Babes Blog and loved all your recent posts! What a beautiful time you must have had climbing the mountain with your girls on May Day! Also, the last one about Esther was hilarious!

A belated Happy Mother's Day!

I used to get your blog in my parentcenter e-mail, but it quit coming. Maybe my boys have grown too old for it. I don't think I ever registered my baby girl.