Friday, November 30, 2007

There are excuses for lameness

This blog has become a bit like an old, neglected teddy bear. I see it lying, forlornly on the floor and stoop down to pick it up, admire its familiar face, stroke it a bit discuss old times, then put it down on a chair and promise to come back real soon.

Then, days, weeks, even months later, I find it under a bed, staring up at me with its pathetic lost-button eyes and balding fur and I do it all over again.I take it in my arms, promise to be better this time, promise to be nurturing and consistent with my attention. Then life calls me away again.

Kids need things, they always need things; attention mostly. Undivided attention. Dust settles, it always settles, in places that are hard to reach. And the setting sun seeps like butterscotch syrup through the West windows exposing those hard-to-reach places with stark, unforgiving clarity. The vacuum calls. I need a cup of tea. It's time to build a fire. It's time to pick up the kids. How could that be? Maybe tomorrow I'll be more productive. Until then. I've written