Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lazy post

Exploring Toucy.
Friends in the park.
Isla at Plum.

Lunch in the garden.
Sharing a bowl of oranges.
Flowers in a stone tub.
Ice cream in Chamonix.
My office in France.
New friends acting like old friends.


LisaTaz said...

Betsy- The pictures are so beautiful. I wonder if I would ever get used to such beautiful surroundings, or if I'd always find wonder in the tiny, cobblestone streets and beautiful, old buildings.

Jolyn said...

It's not lazy, it's breathtaking. Those mountains. More pictures of those, K? I miss mountains. The textures. The colors. Oh oh oh.

Okay, I just realized that sounded orgasmic. That's really not like me. Really.

me said...

What great photos! Not lazy in the least.

JediMom said...

Oh my those are beautiful pics. And the one of the girls eating ice cream made me stop and think, wow Esther is getting big. My son is 7 and I have followed your posts here and on momformation for a long time, so seeing the pic of Esther made me realize that my son is getting big also.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Now that you've been there a bit, how does it feel to be living in a breathing portrait? Everywhere in the background is just gorgeous! Your subject matter is breathtaking too!

Kingsmom said...

You may not have typed a lot but your post says alot. Love the photos.

Steph said...

Siiiiiiiiiigh!!! What a vision! What an experience!

Betsy said...

OH dear. Here I was wondering why at least one person hadn't been over to check out and comment on my personal blog lately, and I realize I'm simply uninformed.
Apparently my settings didn't take the new e-mail address.
Thanks guys. I will post more pic soon.
Jolyn: You can wax orgasmic over here any time you like. Hope that doesn't sound wrong.:)
Sprite's Keeper: I'm still not over the scenery yet. I feel like a person just falling in love, I'm still in the lust and passion stage. Totally drunk on all the superficial stuff.
I find myself asking the question: Is physical beauty enough to sustain a person, is it enough of a reason to want to stay someplace forever???, a lot.

Emma said...

ohhhhhhh! Breathtaking! Not lazy in the least.