Friday, June 26, 2009

breaking the spell

my new office chair
random building which looks like it belongs at the beach
Esther is headed towards her last day of school before summer break. I wish she could keep going because her French is just starting to really take. I can feel it, I can hear it, I can smell it. She's exuding escargot and frogs legs.

I don't want to break the spell.

I will miss our mornings walking over this bridge to school. I feel so smug ever time we do it, thinking of all the people in their cars during morning rush hour.

Of course we'll still walk over the bridge, just not with so much purpose, apprehension or smugness.

We had an afternoon thunderstorm here. Loud, crashing thunder, lightning flashes, heavy rain. I loved it. Isla was on the couch with me, watching Babar ala Neige. I'm force feeding my children French, one video at a time.

Listening to the cars swish by, slishy- sloshy sluice, makes me feel like I'm living in a city. I've always secretly wanted to live in a city but never had the gumption. It's never too late, to get your gumption, I guess.

New post over at BabyCenter about our evolving TV viewing habits.


Jolyn said...

Way to go, Esther... How's her mom's French coming?;)

Betsy said...

Mom's French is moving along at a snail's pace. It would help if my brain wasn't as brittle as a fossil, as hard as a turtle shell and as stubborn as a three year old.
I understand more and more each day. Yet my tongue remains tied much of the time when it comes time to say more than "je suis un singe" (i am monkey).

mooserbeans said...

Betsy I love all of your posts. Reading your entries and looking at your picutres is like watching a real life independent film. You're living an independent film, how cool is that?